[WWI] Werner Voss photo

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 13:16:30 EST 2005

Shane Says,
>I *love* it.
>If I'd written down all of DSA's absolutist statements over the years, and 
>correlated the ones that refute each other, I'd need another house to store 
>the notebooks.

I have been looking at the thread reference this Re-Touched Photo. DSA says 
that the Cowl, Upper Deck, Wing Struts,and wing undersurfaces all show the 
Same Grey Tonal Values. I think that he was Kidding, but he said that would 
indicate either all of that was the same color ie Yellow, or The cowl and 
fuselage decking was Blue.In fairness to Dan go to the drome and read the 
thread. I do Not want to become a DSA Basher by any means !
Rick G.

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