[WWI] Voss photo

Andy Bannister andy at warpedplastic.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 12:51:40 EST 2005

> In fact, I'm anti - faux scientific analysis, and anti the drawing of big
> conclusions on small and contradictory evidence. AFAIC there are agruments 
> either way, and *modellers* could justify either conclusion with me 
> applauding from the sidelines.

Well I agree, in part. I don't think any conclusions have been drawn at 
all - certainly not by me. It's all speculation and personal opinion. You 
may be able to tell from a b & w photo what is light and dark but you'll 
never be able to definitively say what colour anything is. My opinion hasn't 
changed, as I said, I still think Imrie is wrong and the cowling is olive 
green. But to my eyes, that photo shows the cowling to be noticeably lighter 
than the fabric immediately behind it which suggests the possibility that I 
may be wrong about the olive green colour. Thus my query when mention was 
made of the yellow cowling.... :-) 

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