[WWI] FW: Wood Fuselage Finishes

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 12:09:33 EST 2005

Here's what I do.

1. Spray a base of Testors "Wood".  It looks nothing like wood but don't 
worry. Then pick out a few panels and brush paint them a slightly lighter 
colour - add white to the Wood paint.  I use a beer bottle top to mix the 
paints in.  You could mask and spray but I find this unnecessary.  Allow to 
2. Using Gouache watercolor paints in the little tubes, I put a blob of dark 
brown, light brow and yellow onto a small pallette (old beer bottle top).
3. Have a container of water and a paper towel laid out ready for wetting 
and drying Q-tip.
4.  Take a Q-tip, wet it slightly (dry off on paper towel a bit if it's too 
wet) and dip it into each of the paints in the bottle top - get a fair 
amount on but not too much.
5. Gently but steadily swipe the paint ladden Q-tip along the area to be 
made into faux wood.  Streaking will appear like wood grain - sort of.  Keep 
swiping - loading up the Q-tip with paint, wetting it slightly - you need 
the right amount of wetness.  Too wet and the paint just swipes away: too 
dry and the paint won't swipe into nice streaks.  Paint will settle into the 
panel lines which is nice.  When satisfied with the wood grain appearance, 
allow to dry.
6. Spray Tamiya clear yellow (thin with Tamiya's own thinner).  Allow to 
7. Brush coat with Future.  Allow to dry.
8. You might want to take the shine off a bit - spray with clear semi-gloss 
or satin.



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>Subject: [WWI] FW: Wood Fuselage Finishes
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>It's been gone over before, and at length.  However, because of all of
>my PC problems, I've lost most of my saved mails, archives, etc.  I
>could look it up in the archives, but I'm too lazy and short of time.
>Also, we have several folks new to the list, and I'd like to know their
>techniques, or they may want to learn something new as well.
>    So, now that we seem tobe through bashing corporations,
>adminstrations, lawyers, etc., what are y'alls favorite methods of
>reproducing the wood finish found on Albatros fighters and other German
>two seaters?

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