[WWI] Scratchbuilder's bane, modelers' boon

mflake at airmail.net mflake at airmail.net
Wed Jan 19 10:59:56 EST 2005

I just wanted to publicly thank Shane the Younger in his efforts to
scratchbuild a 1/700 HMAS Australia, the World War I battlecruiser.  He
must be pretty far along because my ship model pusher (Pacific Front
Models) has let it leak that Combrig is planning on issuing a resin model
of the "Indefatigable-Class" battlecruisers.  That should fill the hole of
my rapidly expanding "British Battlecruiser Collection."  8^D

Marc Flake (who thinks the Voss picture being discussed shows the cowl
when it was painted olive, but that at some point in time the cowl was
painted yellow.)

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