[WWI] hey Rube was: Alclad accident

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Wed Jan 19 10:11:16 EST 2005

"Hmmm, seems you DO have part two covered! :)
If we use my logic, then Condoleza Rice fits the bill
The current administration are most definately Pepsi
drinkers (yuk)...geez, I hope I didn't break any
copywrite laws just then."

No, but you and I probably set off some e-mail filters at the NSA and
maybe Secret Service.  There's been a black van parked in the cemetery
across from my house ever since I said that Lance Krieg looked like Dick
Cheney when he was at Telford (and didya notice Cheny was like nowhere
in the news then?).
Pepsi.  A damnable Yankee drink.  No self-respecting boy from Birmingham
would drink it.
    I hope to work on my Nieuport today.

Longing mightily for some Costas BBQ and a Milo Burger

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