[WWI] Possible source for French Colo(u)rs

Colby-George, William WPColbyGeorge at mactec.com
Wed Jan 19 09:29:51 EST 2005

Hey gang,

I saw the following on the Steelnavy.com message board and thought it
may be of interest to the group.  I don't know how much of a crossover
there is between WWI and WWII colors, but may be worth a look.  I have
used WEM paints and find they airbrush well.



I'm also looking to further expand our aircraft paints, moving this time
into WW2 French Armee de L'Air/Aeronavale colours:

ACF 01 - Vert Moyen - Medium Green
ACF 02 - Vert Fonce - Ivy Green
ACF 03 - Terre D'Ombre Nat. - Raw Earth
ACF 04 - Chocolat - Burnt Sienna
ACF 05 - Gris Fonce - Dark Grey Blue
ACF 06 - Ombre Calcinee - Dark Earth
ACF 07 - Kaki - Dark Olive Drab (Khaki)
ACF 08 - Vert - Green
ACF 09 - Gris Bleu Clair - Sky Grey
ACF 10 - Gris Bleu Ciel - Sky Blue
ACF 11 - Chamois - Interior Protective Coating
ACF 12 - Bleu Fonce' - Dark Blue (Cockpit Interiors)

All the above will be matched to paint chips in "Armee de L'Air
Aeronavale, Nuancier des Coluleurs de L'Aviation Francaise 1900-1945",
rare and out-of-print and generously loaned by Jacques Druel of
L'Arsenal. HOWEVER, after the disappointing response to our proposed
Regia Aeronautica range, Caroline wants a good number of pre-orders
before committing to production. So if you're interested in these
colours, or know an aircraft modeller who might be, step up and
pre-order (no charge until we ship) or pass the word along.

John Snyder
White Ensign Models 

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