[WWI] RE: Spad 13 wings

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Wed Jan 19 08:59:05 EST 2005

"You should check out the Mac SPAD VII  - it was on sale a couple of
back for $10 - it's a very nice kit and at that rprice, well worth the 

        Yeah, I know.  Picked up a couple.  Heh, heh, heh.  Diego, my
Secret Santee, benefited from the sale.  :)  You're right, at $10.00, it
is worth the price.  I'm thinking they may put them on sale again, and
I'm also thinking of picking up another Pegasus SPAD VII, and possibly
doing a kit bash as was mentioned earlier.  However, I would like to see
what Roden could do with this a/c.


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