[WWI] YESSS!!! AGAIN!!! Was: Voss photo

Grzegorz Mazurowski grzegorz_mazurowski at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Jan 19 07:16:05 EST 2005

Yes! Again!
I can't belive!
Life is a Wonder!
I left you for two days only and what? Diiscussion about Voss cowling again!
You naughty boys!
(BTW, Life is a Wonder is a title of the new Kusturica film - off-topic, but
really great one!!!)

> >A 56 Sq. combat report (Sloley) from early Sept.1917 describes the Voss
> >triplane as being "yellow and brown".
> Then there's the other ones describing it as silver and blue...

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