[WWI] Werner Voss photo

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 03:28:22 EST 2005

Lance says

>Whatever one thinks about the cowling, it is possible to conclude that
>the starboard wheel has been overpainted in a solid color.  It doesn't
>look like the usual factory "spin-job" in that picture, anyway.
>What say the rest of the cogniscenti?

Inconclusive. The aircraft that killed Gonterman was the first production 
Dr.1 Fok Dr.1 115/17

Photos of it at delivery show a solid dark painted wheel.

Fok F.I 101/17 shows an all pale wheel disk, Fok F.I 102/17 shows an all 
dark one

The word "usual" in the phrase 'usual factory "spin-job"' suggests the 
possiility that it wasn't universal, especially on what was a pre-production 


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