[WWI] Re: Wos Bowell

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Wed Jan 19 00:42:56 EST 2005

Rick says:

> Dan San says, leaving no room for doubt,
> that 103/17 was delivered in Standard Fokker Factory Finish of Blue 
> Unders
> and CDL/Olive Green Streaked uppers. :-)

Is this the wool/scratchie kind with a trapdoor?
Those are usually red (black ortho).
Ok, not red, but "darkish" grey.
Well, not *that* grey, but the other one, the Not Black one.
That one.
Which sometimes looks yellow, shiny, if the wing shadows match the 
On sunny days. Unless the one next to it looks nothing at all like that.
But this is the only one in this photo.
Except for the ones cropped out of this photo.
Unless they're retouched out.

That photo proves there's someone sitting in a triplane.
Conclusively, too.

Unless it was retouched.
Are his goggles tinted?

I wonder.


Furthermore, why is there a highlight on the doping *unders*, all two, 
of three wings visible, and yet the doping on the fuselage *appears* 
flat-ish*, by contrast to the cowl, which appears flatter, even though 
it is a curved shape, but from the viewers angle, could also be deemed 

OTOH, the grass on the airfield appears a sort of yellow-greenish 
shade, even though that time of year it should be more of a "dun" color.
The shooter on the grassy knoll can be seen lurking among the mechanics 
and is not to be trusted.

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