[WWI] Albatros D.Va Stropp

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Tue Jan 18 23:06:22 EST 2005

 Brian, thanks for the update on the "Stropp" D.Va.
     One of my kids took a photo of it for me while it was suspended and
I noticed the lower wing cross had been repainted to the transitional
style cross the way the plane was when captured.  This was mentioned in
the restoration book, along with the original reasoning for using the
    Any chance of a restoration book on the Spad XII or Fokker D.VII ? 
I've just about worn out my Albatros book.
     I also bought a framed fabric swatch from "Stropp", and it is olive
green. So is another one I have seen. Would this possibly be from the
upper wing which was mauve/green ?


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