[WWI] Werner Voss photo

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 18 19:41:05 EST 2005

Dan says

>Regarding the Voss photo, I'm convinced now that the rudder wasn't  yellow.
>But since the wheel cover matches the cowl and neither match to  the black 
>the crosses or olive on the forward fuselage, I think the cowl  was yellow.

Which painted part of the forward fuselage are you comparing?  The only 
visible bits are just beneath the forward wing root - and it matches the 
cowl - or a tiny shadowed triangle forward of the cockpit coaming, which is 
slightly darker as you'd expect.

OTOH the tone of the cowl *precisely* matches the turtledeck aft of the 
cockpit, so my coclusion is that the cowl is *definitely* streaky doped OR 
the turtledeck is also yellow....or chartreuse....or something

>Why would they paint the wheel cover a solid olive color  instead of the
>standard Fokker spin treatment? Just my preferance, but then  again I 
>prefer muzzle

Why would they paint the wheel disks of Dr.1 115/17 solid olive?  There are 
other examples of non-Jasta-painted wheels in solid tones too, probably just 
more heavily factory painted.

AFAIC it proves that the wheel on the stbd side is a single colour. But not 
which colour. Anything else is just more guessing. Unless DSA does it, in 
which case it's a pronouncement from God.

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