[WWI] Re: Verner Woß

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Tue Jan 18 16:31:15 EST 2005

Lance notes:

> Whatever one thinks about the cowling, it is possible to conclude that
> the starboard wheel has been overpainted in a solid color.  It doesn't
> look like the usual factory "spin-job" in that picture, anyway.
Many other useful tidbits confirmed also.
Damn fine look at *that* streak, the data line, peculiarities of castor 
weeps, the way the assistant is holding the tail, tho' the a/c is 
choked (torque?), the size of "F1.103/17" - many nice details available 
in that photo. ..
Is the cowl paint flat finish?
I ask, as there's a luster to the highlight rather than outright flare.
Color is something else..

Great photo.
> What say the rest of the cogniscenti?
That Tom's editorial is worth considering.
That trusting one's fates to gummint, corporate or electorate or 
expectorate is a fool's errand.

That it's more fun to talk about kits and technique than politics and 

:  )


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