[WWI] Is the sky falling?

pezo8481 at bellsouth.net pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 18 16:01:27 EST 2005


     Bravo!  I am "Johnny" to your "Joey"!  "Hey! Ho! Let's go (crumble some walls)!"

> From: "ernest thomas" <reason108 at hotmail.com>
> Date: 2005/01/18 Tue PM 02:43:40 EST
> To: wwi at wwi-models.org
> Subject: Re: RE: [WWI] Is the sky falling?
> >From: <pezo8481 at bellsouth.net>
> >Ernie,
> >
> >      You silly Communist!  The problem lies in bureaucracy which goes 
> >beyond
> >any and all party lines.
> Silly commie or not, it's funny how this problem seems like it just might 
> become a real problem now, when....
> >The bureaucracies intent is protect individuals and groups,
> the bureaucracy currently in power is bending over backwards to wipe the 
> arses of big business, defense contractors in particular while the 
> individuals can go to hell. Mark my words(and I'll eat them if I'm wrong), 
> this issue will be resolved to the liking of whatever administration is in 
> power when it comes to federal court. And if if lands in court any time in 
> the next 4 years, I got a nickle that says we(us modelers) are gonna lose.
> >I say Mr. Thomas let's tear this bureaucratic wall down.
> >      To keep this OT, the Commuist (socialist/bolshevik) revolution gained 
> >its momentum
> >during WW1.  Revolution?  Civil War?  Anyone?
> I agree. Let's end the welfare state for all those blood sucking 
> corporations that are unable to be responsible for their own foolish actions 
> and survive on their own merits without living off of government subsidies.
> >P.S.  Ernie, don't take this personal.  I am just kiddin' with ya!
> I don't take it personally and respect your opinion, even if it's wrong. :-)
> And to those who are screaming "KILL THE LAWYERS!" here's a suggestion: 
> Don't kill them. Just don't hire them. Good luck in court flying solo.
> E.
> Roland, Biff, Strutter.

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