[WWI] Is the sky falling?

Martín Hector Afflitto Echagüe mhae at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Jan 18 14:46:26 EST 2005

 Okey,Okey dear guys,

I've been reading your thoughtful thoughts about the issue.
All this makes sense,and please    !!!DON'T!!!   take it as an insult or a
disregard ;  but this only happens in the puritan USA,  neither China,
Taiwan etc. nor other "Factory Countries" around there,would mind these
If companies as important as IBM, or Lacoste can't control the licences of
their products; (having divisions of their companies specially dedicated to
that issue),    I don't believe that this market distortion would cause much
At most both systems will run;  the Trust Kit-Maker  one and the Free
 The market,(we the modellers) will decide.
Hurra!!!!!!!!!for the Free-Kit!!!!!!!!

Martín Héctor Afflitto Echagüe

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