[WWI] Is the sky falling?

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Tue Jan 18 13:04:24 EST 2005

Behalf Of Sean Brian Kirby
(Any of you with a newer car kit in your stashes will
see the automaker's name on the side, along with that
of Goodyear, and so on. Just more anti-corporate
ramblings, as I see it.)

Well, Some car kits are being made without any tire name on the sidewall
- because they got tired of being nit-picked.
And there have been fewer race cars as it gets to the point that all the
companies that have a sponsor decal on the side of the real car, want a
cut from the model car.  One reason some of the model car decal
companies have just thrown in the towel.
But one point that started this was that companies are charging for
taxpayer items - the use of the term "B-17G" in addition to the
"likeness" of the airplane.  B-17 is not a Boeing term, it is a US DoD
term and not subject to copyright.
Chris has a great response on the big picture here - if this continues
you can forget a small house like Pegasus doing a P-40Q, because someone
will jump in and claim ownership of Curtiss-Wright.  Northrop-Grumman
has a contract to service Fairchild A-10s in inventory, yet they now
seem to be reaching to include anything ever made by Fairchild-Republic.
I agree it is all madness, and it needs to stop - I just don't think
it's the "Model Rapture & Armageddon" yet...
- Brian

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