[WWI] RE: Is the sky falling?

Impenna, John John.Impenna at hhgroup.com
Tue Jan 18 13:01:36 EST 2005

Hi Folks,
Been following this thread with interest. Several months back, I had put
up on Ebay a Revell 1/72 Sikorsky Ch-54 Skycrane. After a few days, I
received an email from ebay saying that my auction had been ended
because of "product license issues" or something like that. I contacted
Ebay and was directed to Sikorsky's legal department and told if I tried
to list this item again, my ID would be suspended!! My first reaction
was BS!!! I then emailed the address that Ebay provided and I got a very
"corporate-lawyer" type response that this item was never properly
licensed from Sikorsky and I should 'cease and desist" from attempting
to sell it!! Well, this started a back and forth of several emails that
ended with my request, so I could inform my congresswoman and senators,
of Sikorsky's logic in justifying trying to license PUBLIC DOMAIN
ITEMS!! Now, my first reaction turned to hysteria and scorn!!! I
promptly sent an email to my congresswoman, copying the Vice President
of Marketing at Sikorsky, asking them to explain how items made for the
military by MY US TAX DOLLARS and therefore in the PUBLIC DOMAIN can be
licensed???? I also copied the ebay email address. My congresswoman did
respond to both me and Sikorsky, asking for an explanation from them! I
did relist the item on Ebay and the auction was not interrupted this
time around. Also, I never received that explanation I requested from
Sikorsky!! Has anyone had a similar experience with an Ebay item??? I
have recently sent another round of correspondence to my reps informing
them of the present situation. We all need(US readers) to the do the
same. IT DOES GET A RESPONSE!!!. Squeaky wheel gets the grease with

John Impenna

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