[WWI] Is the sky falling?

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Tue Jan 18 08:50:05 EST 2005


     You silly Communist!  The problem lies in bureaucracy which goes beyond
any and all party lines.  The bureaucracies intent is protect individuals and groups,
but inherent to all bureaucracies they tend to supercede their existence by protecting
their 'job security' and 'rice bowl'.  I say Mr. Thomas let's tear this bureaucratic wall down.
     To keep this OT, the Commuist (socialist/bolshevik) revolution gained its momentum
during WW1.  Revolution?  Civil War?  Anyone?

P.S.  Ernie, don't take this personal.  I am just kiddin' with ya!
> From: "ernest thomas" <reason108 at hotmail.com>
> Date: 2005/01/18 Tue AM 12:34:48 EST
> To: wwi at wwi-models.org
> Subject: RE: [WWI] Is the sky falling?
> It'll be real interesting to see how this all plays out.
> And to those of you who helped give the U.S. Govt. it's "mandate" this past 
> November, I say,
> quit yer whining. You made your bed, now go lie in it.

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