[WWI] Is the sky falling?

Stuart L. Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Tue Jan 18 07:25:53 EST 2005

> Part I
> Hmm, how about a different view point?
> While the taxpayers ultimately paid for the aircraft, therefore the 
> designation and name may be public domain, the actual design of the 
> aircraft is not.  So, Boeing, Northrop, Rockwell, Lockheed, etc. could 
> still apply for protection of U.S. patent law under their internal 
> project designations.  This would have the same effect as protecting 
> the common name.  The model makers would still have to license Boeing 
> project 299 to be able to produce a B-17 Flying Fortress.
> This is fine by me.  A lot of hard work went into the design of the 
> B-17 and while it's a bit late to benefit the original engineers, 
> maybe the revenue from licensing now will keep a few more people at 
> these companies employed.  Licensing, as everything else, is 
> negotiable.  Usually, two level headed, intelligent people can work 
> out a deal to where economical sense is just and fair for both 
> parties.  So, the price of a kit goes up 10% for the royalties.  I 
> seem to remember paying about $8.00 a pop for 1/72 Hasegawa single 
> engine aircraft back in the late 80s early 90s.  How much are these 
> things now?  Last I checked, around $15.00.  So, add $1.50 to each 
> kit.  Will this prevent someone from buying it?  Economics 101 says a 
> few will not spend the money, but the majority still will.  Even on 
> the latest Trumpeter 1/32 F-145 ThunderMigStarJetFighter retailing for 
> $120.00 royalties might push it to $132.00.  I ask you, do you really 
> thing the people spending this kind of money are going to cringe and 
> walk away over that last $12.00?
> So, let's say thank you for the free ride we've had the past 70 odd 
> years and now help support the companies that directly produced, or 
> bought the company that bought the company that bought the company 
> that produced, the subjects we love modeling.
> 			Stuart L. Malone

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