[WWI] Is the sky falling?

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Last week, I talked with Ed Sexton at Revell and someone at Accurate.  Ed
told me that he would like letters directed at the patent and trademark
offices.  Boeing and Northrop are trying to trademark govt. designations and
nick names.  Two TM names are P-51 Mustang and Liberator.  I went through
Lockheeds, Northrop Grumman and Boeings Trademarks.  They do not have the
bases covered yet.

For now, if you go into a shop, you will see Tamiya has the names etal on
the boxes as the do give unto Caesar.  The foreign plants may have it worse
because of customs. However, a Revellogram box will say B-17G Flying
Fortress.  They are officially ignoring the mail from the defense complex.

I am planning to write this week.  I wanted to chat with the guy at Stephens
models who has the congressman interested in this issue in order to try to
get a co-ordinated response.  All letters to congress should cc the
secretary of trademarks and all letters to secretary of trademarks should cc
congress.  My difficulty in St. Louis will be getting the ear of the
congressmen as Boeing Defence is here, though Sen. Talent is a very
pro-family guy and hobbies to keep people off the street is an angle with

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IMNSHO, I would take most of the "editorial" with a grain of salt. There are
some interesting points in it, but by and large, it is long on rumor and
very short on actual facts. The fact that Tamiya "ponied up" and paid a
licensing fee in reality means nothing, as it does not establish a
"precedence", and many other modeling companies have also paid a licensing
fee for the rights over the previous years. I would dearly love to hear from
someone actually involved it the model business, what the true facts and
issues are regarding this "licensing" scourge, and without all the political
rhetoric written in the "editorial".

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