[WWI] Newbie-ish Albatros questions

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Mon Jan 17 22:24:27 EST 2005

Dave/Mike wrote
.  But what would the radiator configurations be for the aircraft listed 
above?  Or more simply, what differences do the various centre wing/radiator 
options in the kit depict?  Which props should I be using?  And, for that 
matter, which engine?  I guess basically what I'm asking is, which optional 
parts would I use for Frommherz', Ray's, Goring's and Bassenge's D.IIIs?

Next up, colour matches.  What are generally regarded to be the closest 
matches to the grey used on metal parts and wing camouflage colours?  And 
(dare I open the can of worms?) who does decent 5-colour lozenge decals in 

Not sure ZI can answer all the questions. The earlier D-III had a center 
radiator. After the first batch or so, the radiator was shifted. I believe 
that the Blau Maus had it in the center. For a color match, I used 
ModelMaster's light blue. Came out OK. My 1/48 version is on my gallery 
page. To answer the rest of the questions, you should pick up a copy of the 
ALbatros Datafile or Special. Lots of detail info. As for lozenge, I like 
both Eagle Strike and Americals. Eagle strike is easy to find. Americal has 
to be purchased only through the mail. Great reserach comes with the 
Americals. I believe there is an order form on the web page somewhere.
Mike Muth 

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