[WWI] Albatros DR.I

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 17 22:22:10 EST 2005

Chris, there is 1 colour scheme, and that's your lot - varnished wood and
lozenge. Junk the kit lozenge, though.. The wing cut - outs are the wrong
shape, IMHO. There's a photo and plans in the Albatros Experimentals
Datafile, but I think the plan is off a bit in a few areas c.f. the photo.
The lower wing is attached by 3 small struts or rods. Can't recall offhand
if that's called out correctly in the instructions. Otherwise it's a nice
kit of an obscure aircraft. Before this kit was available there was a
conversion set from HiTech, which I used on mine, consisting of better
wings, and better looking struts. However, they're resin amd very thin, so
maybe not good for the long-term.

HTH,        Paul.

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