[WWI] Newbie-ish Albatros questions

David O'Hare ohare at telus.net
Mon Jan 17 20:39:46 EST 2005

Switching out of lurker mode...

I'm about to start a pair of Roden D.IIIs, and after flipping through Osprey's Albatros Aces, I'd decided one will be Frommherz' Blue Mouse, the other will probably be Ray's overall black plane (if I can scrounge a set of lozenge decals in time) or Goring's (if I can't find them), with an outside chance of doing Bassenge's striped/wood D.III.

Unfortunately, my main interest is modern jets, so I'm a little out of sorts trying to work out some of the detail differences between the different subject aircraft.  This isn't really helped by the fact that there are so many options in the Roden kit.  Soooo....

I understand the difference between the different rudder configurations.  That's easy enough.  But what would the radiator configurations be for the aircraft listed above?  Or more simply, what differences do the various centre wing/radiator options in the kit depict?  Which props should I be using?  And, for that matter, which engine?  I guess basically what I'm asking is, which optional parts would I use for Frommherz', Ray's, Goring's and Bassenge's D.IIIs?

Next up, colour matches.  What are generally regarded to be the closest matches to the grey used on metal parts and wing camouflage colours?  And (dare I open the can of worms?) who does decent 5-colour lozenge decals in 1/72.

Cheers for now: Mike

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