[WWI] Got me a Rodent Biff!

carpo5 at optusnet.com.au carpo5 at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jan 17 19:33:45 EST 2005

Hi E.
I built my Biff cowelled and I thought that the engine sat about 1/2 a mm too high - do 
a lot of dry fitting at this point.
be particularly careful around the vickers and induction manifolds too - I just ended up 
cutting off the last 1/4" of the vickers to make it fit as it would not go between the 
induction manifolds on the engine. Many parts are similar in appearance but are 
different enough to make things hard for you - always get EXACTLY the correct part 
number from the sprue.
I fitted the instrument panel onto the firewall/vickers housing assembly by filling the 
space between with styrene strip - much more secure than the kit would otherwise 

Other than that, I  think this kit was my fastest build ever - so not too many dramas.

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