[WWI] Old Book - US Official Pictures of the World War

Millen, Alan R. AMillen at seic.com
Mon Jan 17 17:19:20 EST 2005

Denizens of the List,

I acquired a rather largish book a number of years ago, and am in a
dilemma as to how to go about saving it, and at the same time having it
be usable.  It was printed by the United States War Department in 1920,
and consists of over 320 heavy, glossy pages of photographs of The World
War.  It is approximately A4 in size, landscape in format, behind a
heavily embossed front cover.  Most of the pictures are full page with
captions.  Franklyn Brown, Man of Renown of SMML land, has already been
the recipient of some scans of 110' Subchasers, but therein lies the

The front cover and pages are in super shape for their age, but the
binding is falling apart.  The front cover is only being held on by a
few shreds of 85-year old paper and fabric.  Flipping it over to scan
pictures will only finish it off.  Repeated opening of the tome simply
to gaze at the, to me at least, rare photos, will do the same.

The questions.  Do I simply go ahead and destroy the binding, gazing and
scanning to my heart's content, making pictures available to others?  Do
I have it hermetically sealed in a jar on Funk & Wagnall's porch to
protect it?  Do I have the binding professionally restored?

Thank you all in advance for your input.

Alan Roy Millen
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