[WWI] Photoetch

Lance Krieg lance.krieg at amerus.com
Mon Jan 17 11:59:47 EST 2005

Gang, I have had two sheets of specialty PE produced that may be of
interest; some of you have seen these.  One is gennerally useful
airplane and cockpit shapes, and the other is specialty items for
engines.  This is NOT the PE LeRhone engine that Paul Howard designed.

Fred Hultberg at Fotocut can produce more from the artwork I prepared,
and so those of you who are interested can take advantage of my efforts.
 I am copying Fred by this email so he knows I'm talking about the .003
and .006 sheets we recently wrapped up. 

Although the artwork and finished products are 1/48, these can be
reduced to 1/72 or expanded to larger scales; this will involve some
negatives and cost a little more, so if you are interested, you can talk
to Fred.

Email me off-list for a jpeg of the finished sheets and an idea of the
costs involved.  Note I am NOT a party to any purchases you make from
Fred, I'm just trying to perform a little community service.


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