[WWI] Stretched sprue for rigging lines?

Michael Robinson mr1057 at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 17 09:13:25 EST 2005

Hi all - could someone give me a list of the pros and cons for using
stretched sprue for rigging my subjects?

Hi Patrick,

I use two items. I used to use sprue but I could never get the knack of
keeping the thickness consistent from one "wire" to the next. Derek
Pennington from HS turned me on to "knitting elastic", or Lycra thread, and
I have never looked back. It stretches to hold it's tension, and it has a
certain amount of give to it, so if you are a klutz like I am and you snag a
wire while installing another, it won't break, it'll give and return to
position. The drawback to it is it provides little or no additional
strength. I used it on my N9H exclusively.

I also use monofilament in places where I want strength. I drill a hole part
way through the top wing to anchor it, then I drill completely through the
lower wing and thread it through the hole. I hang a small pair of tweezers
to act as a weight to tighten the line and touch the end where it goes into
the wing with a drop of CA and it's anchored permanently. I then trim off
the excess on the bottom and use small circles of decal film painted the
same color as the wing to cover the holes. I used both mono and elastic on
the NC4.


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