[WWI] Thanks for the Help/Aviator

Tom Ruprecht ruprecht at charter.net
Sun Jan 16 16:56:57 EST 2005

Thanks to all for the tips on Baltimore.  It will definitely be more fun 
than it might have been!  Rupe  ;-)

PS- Just saw 'The Aviator'.  Pretty good flick, but I did have to suspend 
disbelief somewhat.  As a pilot and a skydiver, I know how much wind should 
have been in his face in the nose of the Sikorsky S-29, among other 
details.  Even at 80 mph, his face shoulda been flapping...  At least must 
give them credit for making the film.  Be sure to use the restroom before 
you go in- a scene 2 1/2 hours into the film will make you wish you had!

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