[WWI] Bade Trade alert. Rosemont Hobby Shop

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 16 00:14:39 EST 2005

Ross said:

>On the 18th Nov 2004 I placed an order to Rosemont Hobby Shop. They
>received this order as my credit card statement shows the money for this
>order coming out the same day that I sent the fax.
>This order was to be my Christmas present from my wife and kids. So it
>cost me more as I had to buy something else for my family to give me.
>2 months down the track I still don't have what I ordered. 5 emails
>later I still have not had a reply. Ken Schmitt has rung Rosemont on my
>behalf about this order. I live in Australia and am not spending anymore
>money on this as it has already cost me $60AUD for the non received
>order. Ken also emailed them my order details. A carbon copy of what I
>have emailed them. They said to Ken they would look my order up. They
>have not emailed me as they told Ken they would.
>They claim that they have had XP problems. The excuse they gave Ken was
>that the XP problems messed up their database. Well I faxed my order
>through. If they doubt they got my order all they need do is check their
>bank account statement and see that they took my money 2 months ago.
>So we have no responses to my 5 emails.  I also emailed them through a
>Yahoo account I have just in case my other emails didn't go through.
>They have not followed through on what they said to Ken they would do. I
>have yet, 2 months later, to receive what I ordered. They have no idea
>what Customer Service means.
>If you wish to risk your money with them, well that's your choice. But I
>shall NEVER again order from them.
>Those on the Secret Santa list know about this. Some there have even
>reported to that list the bad experiences they have had with Rosemont.

I thought after reading the Other answers to this post, that I would at 
least try to give the other perspective. The last order I placed,was 
admittedly, a year or so ago. I recieved prompt delivery with no problems! I 
have Dealt with Barry and Rosemont over the years, and have found them to be 
everything I could ask for in one of the Few Retailers that truly understand 
OT modeling. I hope their recent( Although one answer said 4 years) problems 
are truly XP data base related. Maybe I have been lucky through the years, 
but Barrys' knowledge and support have always been appreciated by me! :-)
Rick G.
Not affiliated in any way,Blah, Blah, etc.

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