[WWI] Kudo's to Arty Bob

GRBroman at aol.com GRBroman at aol.com
Sat Jan 15 09:24:39 EST 2005

Our very own listmember and scratchbuilder par excellance, Bob Horton, has a 
display of WW I scratchbuilt artillery and vehicles on display at the Rock 
Island Arsenal museum in Rock Island Illinois.  These are incredible for thier 
detail and accuaracy.  (Sorry Matt, all 1/35 scale).  Our local model club is 
hosting the IPMS/USA Region V Regional this year which covers the upper Midwest 
region.  Greg VanWyngarden is giving a seminar and I'm hoping we can talk Bob 
into bringing his stuff up for display, if not, it's just a 15 minute drive 
away at the museum.

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