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> My wife is dragging me (kicking and screaming) from my hobby table next 
> weekend to present at an equestrian show in the Baltimore, MD area.  Can 
> anyone recommend hobby shop(s) or bookstores (especially rare and used) 
> which might relieve my suffering in an OT way?
> Thanks to all, Rupe

I feel your pain.  I can't help with hobby shops and book stores, but I can 
recommend stopping by the museum at Fort Meade, which is just south of 
Baltimore - they have a Mark VIII and an FT-17, plus some really good WWI stuff on 
display.  Aberdeen Proving Ground museum is about 1 north of Baltimore on the 95 
and has lots of WWI artillery and some other generally cool stuff.  You have 
to show some ID and stuff, but you can get on post now to visit the museum at 
APG.  If your tastes run to ground stuff like Dame Karen, Arty Bob (Herr 
Bittner has been known to dabble on the dark side as well) these are great places to 
visit.  I do know of a good hobby shop just south of DC called Granddad's, if 
you can get down there, it's worth the trip.  

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