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mflake at airmail.net mflake at airmail.net
Fri Jan 14 18:03:36 EST 2005

I just ran across something interesting for OT shipmodelers over at Steel
Navy.  The Italian model company Delphis has produced a 1/700 scale
"Regina Elena" Class pre-dreadnought battleship, the Napoli.

Here's the URL: http://www.steelnavy.com/Delphis2004NewModelBuilds.htm

Scroll down to the bit about the Napoli.  The designer is Vittorio
Cuniberti, the fellow who came up with the theory that eventually became
the Dreadnought.  You may notice that the "Regina Elena" Class battleships
may have also been the precursors to the battlecruisers.

Anyway, I've always thought this class of warships to be the most elegant
of the pre-dreadnought designs; and they have always been at the top of my
wish list.

Here's a direct link to a picture of the Napoli:

BTW, this is about as exiting to me as a line of injected Nieuports would
be to Matt.

Marc Flake

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