[WWI] Roden releases - List quiet

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Jan 14 10:43:09 EST 2005

> Just wondered whether it was me or is the list really quiet at present?

Seems quiet Michael. I'm on a rare day off. I was informed that I now hold
the all time department record for hours overtime worked in a year, over
700. One of the reasons I completed zero plastic kits in 04.

Right now I'm laying out the top wing for the second R/C Fokker D.VII. My
old instructor wanted one so badly that he is having me build it..Rendering
the underside taper and flat top side in balsa is fun. I built each outer
panel flat, then the center section. They are then joined with ply spar
doublers and the center is pinned flat with the tips blocked up until the
top is perfectly flat. Then an 1/8" sq basswood top spar is glued in and let

I'm debating  whether or not to make the "sawtooth" ply LE covering out of
manilla paper. If he chooses a Loz scheme, I'll make the loz on silkspan and
use the manilla cover. if I can sell him on a non-loz scheme, I'll use
plastic covering material and not fool with the LE covering.

Someone at the flying field had a large D/VII in Jasta 15 colors then he
went and put red eisern kruze on it {wince}. I promise not to finish this
one unless it is a documentable scheme :-)


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