[WWI] Felixstowe F2A Nr 4543

John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 13 19:50:07 EST 2005

Well, if that doesn't beat all !!!  They must have been looking over my 
shoulder <GRIN>.
Nonetheless, I'm not gonna wait.  From that sketch, I can take away the 
horizontal striping on the front of the boat & assume it is correct or close 
enough & then just guess at the color from further study of the B/W photo.

Thanks for the link !!!!
John Ratzenberger

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From: "Robert Baumgartner" <baumgartner at iprimus.com.au>

John Ratzenberger writes
> I'm about to start the Roden Felixstowe F2A and wish to mod it a little.
My condolences!
> I have Windsock #82 and have found Nr 4543 on page 29 (text) and page
> 33(pic) which had a gun platform raised above the hull & behind the wing
> center section.
You could save yourself a lot of anguish and wait for the Roden release of
this machine see http://www.rodenplant.com/IMG/047/draft.jpg
>One can see the vertical stripes circling the aft fuselage,
>but that is it.  I do not know color, nor do I know what the front color
>scheme may be.
Sorry I can't help with the colours but I'm sure Roden will have an 

Rob B
nd (now drooling) Roden's Curtiss H-16
nb (sigh) another Felixstowe F2A

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