[WWI] Flightless Baby parts

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 11 23:45:18 EST 2005

>From: "J.R. Boye"
>     Ernest says : "...no sign of wings or tail......"
>            Generally, this is considered a good thing in humans. Any
>other bits visible that might clue you in ?

Beating heart, a brain, two arms and legs. All indications of a humanoid 
type child.
Best of all, it's in there by itself. (whew!)

>   Congratulations in advance. When is the flightless child due?

Thanks in retrospect. It was originally expected to be completed around 
August 3rd but was up-graded today to July 22 or so.
I just hope it's not on July 30th(the young prince Henry's birthday).

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