FW: [WWI] Say whut?

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Jan 11 13:36:34 EST 2005

‘Ming says:

>Unless that was the strut I lost and had to replace!!

>(Forward cabane strut)

Hmmm, I think that was the one, yes….. I can’t rememeber if I replaced an interplane too, but the cabane was loose or missing when I got it from Brent and I glued it in place or replaced it with a new one. Can’t remember anymore. Well at least a couple of wires are mine, for sure.


>(BTW package dispatched!)

Oh, glad you say it. I’ll try to phone Sandro who’s on his way to Dunfermline to make you a promise you’ll find hard to refuse and call him back. Still if someone knocks at your door in the middle of the night, show him a copy of this e-mail… ☺

Pedro Corleone

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