[WWI] Roland D.VI wing mounted compass

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 00:43:50 EST 2005

G says....
> > According to the Datafile it is a compass. (page 30)

While it might not be a bad place to put a compass, what I'm looking at 
can't be a compass. It's an instrument with the face is 90* to the horizon. 
A compass has to be level. And it doesn't look like G's asci sketch of what 
a compass would look like mounted to be viwed from 90* to it's axis.
However, the pictures G sent off list clearly show an instrument monted 
there so I know how to deal with it on the model.
But now I'm wondering what instrument would be mounted there? A fuel gauge 
would make sense is it had a tank in the top wing. A tach could be put there 
but why? The panel would be easier. It's not important for my purposes, just 
Any thoughts from the learned group?

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