[WWI] Eduard Morane N

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Sun Jan 9 22:49:12 EST 2005

Marek shows his newly finished Morane. I am about 2/3 of the way through 
finishing mine. A few comments on the build so far. The cockpit goes 
together very easily and fits great. No trimming and no fidddling around to 
get it to fit. What I really like is the way the wings attach to the 
fuselage. There are 2 stubs that fit into the fuselage. The mating surface 
of the wings and fuselage set the wings nicely. SO far, this kit really 
falls together. My only warnings are as follows:
    1) The tailplane is VERY delicate. I cut it off the sprue OK, but it 
broke shortly thereafter. In light of either the decaling or painting 
required around the edges, I would suggest doing all of that before 
attaching the tailplane to the fuselage. I used the decals for the black 
outlines, so I can't tell how the supplied masks work. But either technique 
requires a lot of handling of an extremely delicate part.

    2) the decals are very thin. The tailplane black outlines have a 
tendency to fold over themselves. I was about to give up when I remembered 
the liquid soap in the decal solution. I had never tried this before. I took 
the folded decal and put it into a dish with water and liquid soap. It not 
only unfolded, but when I tried to apply it it went on easily. When I had 
tried earlier, it stuck to the tailplane. I had used Future  ahead of time 
and put a lot of water on the tailplane. It still stuck. Once I used the 
slight soapy water, no problem.

Mike Muth 

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