[WWI] Re: Roland D.VI, now Albatros C.III

Grzegorz Mazurowski grzegorz_mazurowski at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Jan 8 09:23:36 EST 2005

> (On the top wing center, top of the arc on the trailing edge bow. There's
> little sticky-outy protrusion thing that looks like it has an instrument
> face on it. Am I seeing this right?)
According to the Datafile it is a compass. (page 30)

> (And on the fuselage chin(underside just aft of the spinner) there's a
> square
> cut-out on the metal panels that looks to represent....what? Some sort of
> air intake/breather?)
Air intake for the oil cooler. This oil cooler is clearly visible in the
Krakow Roland.

Also I don't belive in Rolands with stained fuselages. These with light
serials (powder blue) were camouflaged like Pfalz D.XII.

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