[WWI] Albatros C.III

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 18:22:28 EST 2005


>From: "J.R. Boye"

>     I was off line and see the Roland questions have continued, and that
>they have all been addressed by others with more knowledge of this plane
>than myself. Ah, the beauty of the list !
>      But wait - what about my Albatros C.III upper wing question ? I
>haven't gotten any replies on that yet. Please anyone ?

Yeah, they probably gave me quick answers hoping I'd go back into lurk mode.

HEY LIST! Someone answer J.R.'s question about Albie C-III's before our 
reputation goes to hell.
And JR, I discovered that if you use the model search feature on the list 
site gallery, you can find a lot of answers. Thanks for your help.

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