[WWI] Blue Max Fokker DrI

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 17:07:06 EST 2005

I appreciate it.  I think I'll just wait for eduard or rodent to come out 
with it.  The eduard kits aren't bad if you consider the blue max kit's 
around $50.  Even in profipack form, the eduard kit'll probably be around 
$30 or $40.


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>Built one a few years ago, not a bad kit.  Just be prepared for working in 
>The engine comes in nineteen parts (separate cylinders, pipes).  The 
>cockpit was passable, but
>would best be served with etched brass and scrarchbuilding.  The plastic is 
>white instead of the grey used today.  Decals are for Voss F. 103 and MvR  
>425/18.  I find the Dragon kit  much more hassle free.  Of course you can 
>always wait for the  Eduard kits  coming out sometime in the next few 
>years.  Providing you can afford them.
>Hope that helps.
>Brian Riedel
>Chris Savaglio wrote:
>>Has anyone built the Blue Max Fokker Dr.I?  I saw it on the shelf of a 
>>local shop and considered giving it a shot.  I lucked into a dragon kit 
>>for around $15us a few months ago, but with so many attractive schemes, on 
>>just doesn't seem to be enough.

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