[WWI] Re: Roland D.VI, now Albatros C.III

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 01:20:26 EST 2005

Ok, a Ro on the port, 18 on the stbd. Sounds easy enough to scrounge from 
the decal folders. I'll print out your email and stick it in the kit box for 
when I'm ready to build it.
Couple more questions:
On the top wing center, top of the arc on the trailing edge bow. There's a 
little sticky-outy protrusion thing that looks like it has an instrument 
face on it. Am I seeing this right?
Also on the top wing, just outboard of the center bow near the trailing edge 
there's an oblong indentation on each side(port/stbd/top/bottom). What is 
this? Are they slots that go clean though the wing that Chris Gannoin 
couldn't mold or are they just indentations? And what purpose do they serve 
in real life?
Then there's the fuselage. Is the underside pylon that the bottom wing 
attaches to made of wood, or faired with sheet metal? I looked at the model 
on the list site(love that model search feature) and it seems that people 
have done it both ways.
And on the fuselage chin(underside just aft of the spinner) there's a square 
cut-out on the metal panels that looks to represent....what? Some sort of 
air intake/breather?

Anyway, that's all I'm wondering about at the moment. Tia for any help, and 
retroactive thanks for the help you've already given.

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>Hi Ernest ;
>      Well that particular D. VI is well-known, and featured prominately
>in the DF. The shield is painted over the serial which is in black. This
>is known because the "Ro" still shows on the port side, and the "18" is
>also exposed on the starboard side.
>     Other notes from the DF : it was the plane entered in the 2nd fighter
>competition, and the shield colors are not confirmed. Mr. Rimell guesses
>at blue/white. The lozenge is 4-color. The prop spinner looks white. Neat
>airplane. That plane is also one of the options on the MAC 1/72 D.VIb
>                                                               J.R. Boye

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