[WWI] Re: Roland D.VI, now Albatros C.III

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Sat Jan 8 00:46:19 EST 2005

Hi Ernest ;
     Well that particular D. VI is well-known, and featured prominately
in the DF. The shield is painted over the serial which is in black. This
is known because the "Ro" still shows on the port side, and the "18" is
also exposed on the starboard side.
    Other notes from the DF : it was the plane entered in the 2nd fighter
competition, and the shield colors are not confirmed. Mr. Rimell guesses
at blue/white. The lozenge is 4-color. The prop spinner looks white. Neat
airplane. That plane is also one of the options on the MAC 1/72 D.VIb

                                                              J.R. Boye

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