[WWI] Re: Unsubscribing Charlie

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Fri Jan 7 09:03:40 EST 2005

I've taken care of Sherry's request and passed on all of our well


On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 03:22 -0800, tracy hancock wrote:
> hi all,
> yes, the news about Charlie was not new to all, but
> effcts us all the same way. A generous and
> knowledgable fan of aviation and good friend, go in
> peace.
> I think what Sherry is asking for is that he be
> removed from the list by Allan or someone. I do not
> think she reads the email from these lists and I feel
> like we should spare her the frustration of muddling
> through un-subscribing Charlie (even though it is not
> a difficult thing). I'm sure she is going through
> enough.
> Sorry if this may have been brought up already, I'm in
> "digest" and my responses are not always current.
> no cheers, tracy
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