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Thanks for the info regarding the FSM issue. I dug through all my old (and 
dusty!) back issues and discovered that I actually have that issue. Go 
figure! Unfortunately, I think the drawings are probably incorrect with 
regard to the fuel tanks. The information that James cited previously comes 
from the Ministry of Munitions report of Gotha G.V 979/16, which was shot 
down over England on May 19/20, 1918. To quote the report:
                 Between the pilot's seat and rear gunner's cockpit are 
placed the two main petrol tanks, which occupy the full width of the fuselage.
                 The original intention of the designer is evidently to fit 
tanks of smaller capacity, shaped in such a way as to provide a 
communication tunnel between the pilot seat and the rear gunner's cockpit. 
For this purpose, the wooden bulkheads on each end of the tank space are 
deeply cut away on the left hand side. With the existing arrangement of 
tanks, however, no interchange of personnel is possible.
It is more likely that the cutouts in the bulkheads were carry overs from 
the G.IV and the desire to change as little as possible. The report also 
goes on to state that the tanks were mounted one in front of the other. 
Unfortunately, the report included drawings of almost everything but the 
fuel tanks. There are photos of G.V's that seem to show the walkway was 
completely covered over, so Aurora probably got it more or less right on 
their Gotha (I have one too). If anyone has information to the contrary, 
I'd love to see it.

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