[WWI] Dejavu all over again

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 6 21:09:25 EST 2005

Hi guys

As Lance and Matt are no doubt shoveling white stuff, the liquid version 
has been assaulting River City again. I sit here tonight with my 
furnace, washer, and dryer on the front porch, and all the other 
basement stuff (which just *finally* got back down there before Mother 
arrived) in my kitchen. The Ohio River is on the rise, the predicted 
flood crest will put 5+ feet of water in my basement (again) sometime 
Friday morning, and I am wondering what the heck I did to offend the 
rain gods...
Electric power will probably go off in the wee hours,  indoor temp is 
dropping about 2F an hour.
Oh, did I mention that my mother broke her leg when we went out for 
dinner 10 days ago???


n.l.  to myself weeping

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