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Jean-Baptiste VERLHAC j-b.verlhac at lcoo.u-bordeaux1.fr
Thu Jan 6 12:12:18 EST 2005

Thanks for the feed back. Here are some explanations I've sent to Warren + 
some extra concerning the propeller:
For that model , I've spent very little time on weathering , especillay 
because I've found thet the decal session was time consumming.... In a few 
words, i've airbrushed different brown tones for the wood panelsjust using 
adhesive mask (this step came after airbrushing and masking the turquoise 
and white panels). Then I reprocused the wood veins using a sharp paint 
brush and Vallejo acrylic on a semi mat base. I Alwys give a cot of diluted 
brown oil in order to reduce the contrats between the wood panels and 
between the light and dark tones of the wood. The decal were simply 
weathered using a diluted cream color between the ribs and a darker one 
near the ribs , just to give a slight 3D effect (might have been the 
opposite: darker in the middle and lighter on the ribs but it gives a 
general darker tone)
The propeller was just given a light base coat and then I've painted the 
darker tone with a brush (no cofee....) and the wood veins (same treatment 
as above with oil).
The ridging was done with fishing wire (was is double on the real aircraft? 
I didn't noticed on the photos that appeared in the datafiles.
I've make some modifications concerning the engine cover louvres as it 
seems that depending on the manufacturer , some modifications occured . My 
model is certainly not 100% exact.

PS These two seaters airplanes are very big , even at the small scale...

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