[WWI] Eduard Newsletter

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Thu Jan 6 09:45:27 EST 2005

"Sure that a series of injection molded Nieuports (and they are
definitly not esoterical subjects...) in 1/72 will be fine ."

Truly, and I don't mean to harp, or sound like a broken record, but I
would have thought that with all of the paint and markings schemes for
French, RFC, IRAS, Belgium, Italy, etc. they would equate that with
multiple kit boxings, and therefore more potential for sales.  Their
1/48th scale efforts seem to have done fairly well.  Don't get me wrong,
I'm tickled to death that they did a state of the art injected DH2, I
plan on getting a couple to put back.

"The worse is that after having bought the Blue Max F2b and the Roden
one, I'll probably buy the Eduard ones..."

I haven't decided which one I would like to get.

"Concerning the DH2? I've to confess that I've built one of those tiny
Eduard kit but after a difficult and tedious ridging work, I stupidly
use my wife hair dryer in order to accelrate the varnish drying process,
imagine what 's happened??? I've resisted to smash it and it's still
lying (almost) on my shelves... I'll try to send some photos of hair
dryer effet on styrene...."

Oooo, ouch!  Sorry to hear that!  Any way to salvage any of it?


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