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Jean-Baptiste VERLHAC j-b.verlhac at lcoo.u-bordeaux1.fr
Thu Jan 6 09:30:48 EST 2005

Yes! I'll stand and cast my lot with the gentleman from Bordeaux! Where is 
it? I am still wondering at the logic of choosing to do an a/c like the DH2 
(in 1/72nd) that has such limited modeling possibilities. I love DH2's, and 
other pushers, but they were used by ONE nation, and in a limited number of 
liveries. However, they still choose to ignore the whole series of Nieuport 
V-strutters in 1/72nd which were used by many countries, and in some very 
colorful markings. Go figure. Warren

Sure that a series of injection molded Nieuports (and they are definitly 
not esoterical subjects...) in 1/72 will be fine . The worse is that after 
having bought the Blue Max F2b and the Roden one, I'll probably buy the 
Eduard ones... Concerning the DH2? I've to confess that I've built one of 
those tiny Eduard kit but after a difficult and tedious ridging work, I 
stupidly use my wife hair dryer in order to accelrate the varnish drying 
process, imagine what 's happened??? I've resisted to smash it and it's 
still lying (almost) on my shelves... I'll try to send some photos of hair 
dryer effet on styrene....

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