[WWI] Roden Gotha G.V fuselage

James and Linda Fahey fahey.j.l at clear.net.nz
Thu Jan 6 03:34:20 EST 2005

Martin wrote:

> At any rate, closing off the walkway is a very easy fix. My problem is 
> that I have no references showing the fuel tanks and they don't come with 
> the kit. Do the Harry Woodman drawings you mentioned show them? If you 
> have any references showing the tanks I would greatly appreciate it if you 
> could share them with me.

The Woodman article doesn't have details of the fuel tanks. The plan just 
extends the front edge of the rear gunners cockpit across where the walkway 
was on the GIV (see the thread at the 'Drome for a pic). On p52 of the 
Datafile it notes that the plywood bulkheads still have the cutaways for the 
walkway, but that the two petrol tanks took up the full width of the 
fuselage, are described as 'front' and 'rear' ie. tandem and as being 
identical in design even including a sloped section fitting behind the 
pilot's seat on both tanks..

Also, there is another folding seat next to the pilots seat, although it is 
not clear what the seat would be attached to, either the side of the 
fuselage (like the rear gunners seat) or somehow fitted to the petrol tank 

I have checked the Profile Publications booklet by P Grosz and it does not 
mention the design of the fuel tanks or discuss whether any early GVs had 
the walkway.


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